Cute AnkletsOne of the enduring fashion trends of recent times are cute anklets – a sexy and fashion forward way to dress up a simple vacation or summer style without breaking the bank. Since early times, Asian women have used these to catch the eye of a handsome lover.

All of us have seen images of beautiful exotic dancers wearing belled anklets of gold and silver to accentuate the rhythm of their dance steps. In more recent times, young women used these as a subtle indication of their free spirited approach to life.

In a world of boring naked ankles, a glint of precious metal could be very enticing to a young man and could signal to him that his affections might well be returned.

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Today, they are no longer confined to the ankles of the more Bohemian crowd. This piece of personal jewelry has found its way up the corporate ladder. Many professional women can be found wearing a simple, elegant anklet as part of their everyday attire. It is often difficult to be sexy and businesslike at the same time and a slim metal bracelet teamed with a sexy pump can make your work outfit pop. I would advise simplicity at work – the belled and jangling bracelets of the Indian dancers would prove a little distracting in the boardrooms of today’s corporations. They can often provide that perfect touch when looking for an elegant complement to formal evening wear, whether long or short.

Luckily for most of us, there is more to life than just elegance. Whatever your mood, there are cute anklets to suit it perfectly. Designs range from the simple chain of precious metal to more exotic bracelets that express your personality and mood. Nature lovers might wear a simple and inexpensive hemp version with sea glass or wooden beads, while the more exotic beaded creations would be perfect for wild and crazy evenings when we want everyone to notice us. Prices vary greatly and are dependent on the materials used and the complexity of the design. Often, the way to create the perfect piece of jewelry for oneself is to make it and ankle bracelets are no different. Whether you buy a ready to make kit or unleash your inner bead diva, making your own anklet could be a great way to save money and get a unique personalized piece of jewelry.

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