Feet Anklets – Set off That Outfit Perfectly

Feet AnkletsYour feet anklets might be the perfect accessory for your outfit, especially in the spring and summer months. From the jingly, tribal bracelets typically worn by belly dancers (and their fans) to subtle, nearly invisible illusion bracelets, you can create the look that you want just by changing what you are wearing around your ankle. Women wear them for many different events and occasions and even choose to wear them with formal wear. Women even wear theirs for weddings, choosing the perfect style to set off the look of their elegant gown.

Imagine that you are wearing your Boho summer dress and heading to the beach. Nothing will make that outfit more perfect than your favorite bracelet glinting against your tanned skin. You can choose to wear one that is metallic, with a summer inspired charm or a stone that matches the color of your dress. Or, you can opt for a more natural appearing piece like one that is made of hemp or strung from shells or beads. But, there are other ways to wear yours as well.

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You can wear these as part of your dressier or office clothes as well, as long as they are not too large or flashy. Save the really twinkling or noisy ones for outside of the office. But, once it is time to get dressed for the evening, when you are going out on the town or to the club, look for the styles that fit you the best. If you really want to catch people’s attention, you can even use the light up tubes to have glow in the dark, neon colored pieces while you dance and rock out.

There are ones that fit nearly every style: think of hemp for the Boho girls, little black bats and cats for the Emo crowd and cat or small dog collars wrapped around the ankle for the punks. You can have a blast creating your own because the only rule is if it fits, then wear it. If you are really creative, you can take your own piece of elastic and then add whatever you want to it. There are charms that you can add to your plain chain piece as well, allowing you to collect the ones that fit your personality the best. You can add charms from your favorite sport or hobby, your career or just the ones that make you remember special days from your childhood. Feet anklets are a perfect finishing touch to your outfit, no matter what your sense of style is.

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